Why We Started?

They say “Art is the reflection of Soul” and we at Nipasa totally agree with this saying. We started this art gallery to bring art from India to our Australian art lovers. Other reason was to provide international exposure to budding artists from India. Our vision has always been to do good for the world of art & artists.

Horace once said “A picture is a poem without words”, and we believe that a true poet of paintings can come from any background with imaginative ideas that can evoke art to the beholder.


Nipasa has changed the traditional art gallery model into all new online art gallery and completely transformed the way of purchasing arts and it quenches the growing demand of art connoisseurs in Australia.

Who Wanted To Owe A Beautiful Art Piece Made By Indian Artists

We have come up with an online art gallery that will make you enjoy a foreign tour and also won’t break the bank i.e. Art has no boundaries, therefore we decided to become a middleware between artists and art lovers. We are bridging the gap between the artists, art connoisseurs and art enthusiasts. Our vision is to promote an exclusive range of Indian contemporary art work. We provide the platform for new and emerging artists so that they can promote their art to a much wider audience.

Nipasa has made it quite easy and fast for customers to browse through our website and find an art piece of their taste. Purchasing art has now become exciting and fun. You can place order for your selected art piece with just a click!! Artwork that has taken creativity to another level. Buy these artworks for your home, office or shop.

Art is reflection of your personality, choose an artwork that gives you all positive vibes, make you feel happy in the surroundings and inspires you every time you look at it. We are trustworthy and we assure you that you will get what you have paid for.